adapter card
  • A circuit board which is plugged into the bus or an expansion slot of a computer, in order to add functions or resources. common examples include graphics accelerators, sound cards, and Ethernet adapters. Also known by various other terms, including adapter (3), adapter board, add-on board, accessory card, add-on, expansion board, expansion card, and card (1).
  • synonym accessory board
  • synonym accessory card
  • synonym adapter board
  • synonym adaptor board
  • synonym adaptor card
  • synonym add-in
  • synonym add-in board
  • synonym add-in card
  • synonym add-on
  • synonym add-on board
  • synonym add-on card
  • A chip that is added to an expansion board already installed in a computer.
  • adjective added to a computer program or piece of equipment

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