• noun a separate unit or section of something larger
  • noun a fixed-length packet of data, e.g. one in the ATM system containing 53-octets of data
  • The mechanical housing used to hold a telescope mirror or lens. For cells in a different astronomical sense.
  • A single unit which converts chemical, thermal, nuclear, or solar energy into electrical energy. For example, a solar cell, or a voltaic cell. Also called electric cell, or energy cell.
  • A cell (1) within a battery. Cell and battery are commonly used interchangeably, although a battery consists of more than one cell.
  • In computers, an elementary unit of storage, such as a binary cell.
  • A unit where numbers, data, or formulas may be placed in a spreadsheet. It is formed by the intersection of a column and a row.
  • A small compartment or cavity.
  • In cellular telephony, a geographical area with coverage provided by a cell site.
  • In ATM communications, a unit of transmission consisting of 53 bytes, of which 48 are payload and 5 are overhead.
  • In communications, a unit of transmission consisting of a fixed size or length.

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