cellular communications
  • A telecommunications system in which mobile, usually portable, telephones are linked to a land telephone network via microwave radio frequency signals. Individual cell sites provide coverage to a limited area, called a cell, while networks of cell sites provide coverage to large geographical areas. At any given point within the cellular network, the system decides which cell site can provide the best signal to a mobile unit, and as the unit moves, the signal is transferred to the next cell site with the best signal. Also called by various other terms, including cellular mobile telephone system, cellular mobile communications, cellular mobile telecommunications, cellular telephony, and mobile cellular communications.
  • synonym cellular mobile
  • synonym cellular mobile radio
  • synonym cellular mobile telecommunications
  • synonym cellular mobile telephone system
  • synonym cellular mobile telephony
  • synonym cellular phone system
  • synonym cellular telephone
  • synonym cellular telephone system
  • synonym cellular telephony
  • A mobile telephone used for cellular communications.

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