• noun a frequency range used for the transmission of radio signals
  • noun a physical connection between two points that allows data to be transmitted, e.g. a link between a central processing unit and a peripheral
  • noun a deep part of a harbour or sea passage where ships can pass, or a stretch of water between two seas
  • A path along which information is transmitted. For instance, a fiber-optic link carrying data between nodes of a network, or a bus between computer devices. Also called transmission channel.
  • A frequency, or band of frequencies, assigned to a particular carrier or for a specific purpose. For example, the band of radio frequencies assigned to a TV broadcast station. Also called frequency channel.
  • In an audio component, a designated signal path. For instance, a surround sound receiver may provide, for instance, a left front channel, a left rear channel, a center channel, a right front channel, a right rear channel, and that which drives a subwoofer.
  • In a field effect transistor, the electrical path between the source and the drain.
  • synonym circuit

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