• noun a system of numbers, letters or symbols used to represent language or other information
  • noun rules used to convert instructions or data from one form to another
  • verb to convert instructions, information or data into another form
  • A system of symbols or values, accompanied by rules used to represent information, such as data, and to convert it from one form to another. For instance, ASCII code.
  • A set of computer program instructions. Also called program code, or computer code (1). Also, to write such instructions.
  • A set of programming instructions and statements that are expressed in a form suitable for input into an assembler, compiler, or translator, which in turn transforms said code into machine code. Such code is usually written in a high-level or assembly language which is understandable by humans, while only machine code can be directly executed by the CPU. Also called source code.
  • To scramble information, such as data, in a manner which only those with a key can decipher. Usually used for security purposes. Also called encode (2), encrypt, or scramble (1).
  • Information which scrambled, or encoded.
  • The key to unscramble coded information. Also called key (2).

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