• That which changes something from one use, form, state, or function to another. For instance, a transducer which converts electrical energy into sound energy.
  • A device which converts DC into AC, or AC into DC. For example, a chopper.
  • A device which changes the frequency of a signal. For instance, a frequency changer.
  • A device which changes computer input, data, files, media, programs, hardware, or systems, from one form to another. For example, an analog-to-digital converter, or a binary decoder.
  • A device, that connects to a TV, which decodes the incoming signal or otherwise enables viewing of certain channels or programming. Such a device is usually in the form of a box, and may also connect to another device, such as a VCR. Also called cable box (1).
  • A device, usually in the form of a box, which serves to tune a TV to all available channels. Also called cable box (2).
  • synonym convertor
  • synonym conversion transducer

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