• noun the spreading of gas or light
  • The spontaneous process of one material spreading through and mixing with another. Gases diffuse most readily, followed by liquids, while occurring least in solids.
  • The spontaneous process of a material, such as a gas, dispersing from a region of higher density to that of lower density.
  • The passage of atoms through a crystal lattice.
  • The passage of light through a translucent material.
  • The scattering of light when reflected off an irregular surface.
  • A process employed in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices, in which the desired impurity atoms, usually contained in a gas, are placed in a precisely heated enclosure with the semiconductor material. In this manner, the impurity atoms, or dopants, are distributed uniformly within the crystal lattice of the semiconductor material. Various devices, with a range of properties, may be formed in this manner. Also called diffusion process.
  • The movement of charge carriers through a semiconductor.

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