• noun a device that transmits power to wheels or propellers
  • noun a part of a computer which operates a tape or disk
  • verb to make a tape or disk work
  • The signal, such as a voltage or current, that causes the function of a component, circuit, device, piece of equipment, system, process, or mechanism. Also called drive signal, driving signal (1), or excitation (1).
  • The action of providing drive (1). Examples include the application of signal power to a transmitting antenna, a voltage to an oscillating crystal, or a signal voltage to the control electrode of an electron tube. Also called excitation (2).
  • In computers, an electromechanical device which reads and/or writes data to a storage medium, such as a disk or a tape. For example, a disk drive.
  • A mechanical device, such as that in a tape deck, which moves a magnetic tape past the heads, for recording, reproducing, or erasing. Such a drive also fast-forwards and rewinds tapes. Also called tape drive (1), tape transport, or magnetic tape drive (1).
  • synonym driving signal
  • In a TV transmitting system, a timing signal utilized to synchronize the horizontal or vertical scanning of an image.

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