• The phenomena associated with and arising from moving or stationary electric charges. electric charge is a basic property of subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, and the antimatter counterparts of each of these, and may be negative or positive. Electricity produced by electric charges in motion is called dynamic electricity, while static electricity is that produced by electric charges at rest. Electricity is one of the fundamental forms of energy, and can produce thermal, radiant, magnetic, and chemical changes.
  • The science that deals with electricity (1).
  • Energy arising from electricity (1). Also, the flow or transfer of this energy. Also called electric energy (1).
  • The power available from an electrical outlet. Also called electric energy (2), or electric power (2).
  • electrical energy generated through conversions from other forms of energy, such as chemical, thermal, nuclear, or solar. Also called electric energy (3), or electric power (3).
  • synonym electric energy
  • synonym electric power

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