• A repeatable and artificially produced burst of bright light. Such a flash is usually generated by applying a high voltage to an electrode of a tube containing an inert gas such as xenon. The gas becomes ionized, which permits it to rapidly discharge the energy previously stored in a capacitor. Used, for instance, in photography. Also called photoflash, strobe (3), or electronic flash.
  • To occur suddenly, or to proceed rapidly.
  • To press a telephone switchhook briefly to access a function such as call waiting, or three-way calling. Also, a button so labeled. Also, to press a button so labeled. Also called hook flash.
  • To write onto flash memory.
  • (written as Flash)
    A technology utilized for the creation of Web multimedia content, such as animation and streaming graphics. Also, the software utilized for such creations, and the file format. Content is usually displayed by having the appropriate browser plug-ins.

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