• noun an electrical protection device consisting of a small piece of metal, which will melt when too much power passes through it
  • verb to join together to form a whole
  • verb to draw too much current, causing a fuse to melt
  • (written as FUSE)
    US satellite, the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer, launched in 1999 for observations in the 1000 Ã…ngstrom region of the spectrum with an 0.64m telescope. Its mission was terminated after tehnical problems in 2007.
  • A safety device which contains a section of conductor, such as a wire, which melts when the current passing through it exceeds a specified amount, called the fuse rating. When the conductor melts, the circuit is opened, thus preventing damage to the circuit, device, equipment, or installation it is meant to protect. Also called electric fuse, or cutout (2).

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