• noun a group of individuals who are born and live at about the same time
  • noun the act or process of making or creating something
  • noun the production of data, software or programs using a computer
  • noun a group of individual organisms derived from the same parents
  • The process of producing something. For instance, energy, a signal, a voltage, a current, a result, a set of instructions, and so on
  • The process of converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.
  • The process of converting another form of energy into electrical energy.
  • The process of generating AC power.
  • The process of producing an alternating current or voltage of a desired frequency.
  • The utilization of a computer program to create other programs.
  • A group whose members are contemporary to each other, from the technological perspective. For instance, fourth-generation computers.
  • A member within a family of files. For instance, the copy or version saved before a given file is the parent file. The grandparent file is the generation before that.
  • The number of recording steps away from a master, or from a given copy.

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