• noun a device that generates electricity
  • noun a device that generates new programs according to rules or specifications set out by the user
  • symbol 230, equal to 1 073 741 824
  • That which produces something. That generated may be energy, a signal, a voltage, a current, a result, a set of instructions, and so on.
  • A machine or device which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Such a machine or device is usually rotary, and may, for instance, utilize magnetic flux to convert angular displacement into electricity. Also called dynamo, or electric generator (1).
  • A device which converts another form of energy into electrical energy. Examples include dynamos, batteries, and oscillators. Also called electric generator (2).
  • A device which generates AC power. Also called AC generator (2).
  • An electronic device whose output is an alternating current or voltage of a desired frequency.
  • A computer program utilized to create other programs. An example is an application generator.
  • symbol G

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