• noun a point where a river starts to flow
  • noun pressure shown as the vertical distance that water falls from the inlet of the collection pipe to the water turbine in a hydroelectric power system
  • verb to be in charge of an organisation or group of people
  • verb to move or move something in a particular direction
  • The small central part of a comet from which the tail or tails of the comet emerge under the heating influence of solar radiation as it approaches the Sun. The head consists of the nucleus, apparently only a few kilometres across, as well as the coma, a mass of material surrounding the nucleus and originating from it.
  • A device which reads, records, or erases signals on a storage medium such as a magnetic tape or a disk drive. Examples include recording heads, read/write heads, and erase heads.
  • In computers, the top or start of something, such as a program, document, page, or the like.

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