• noun the set of words that appear at the top of each page of a document, e.g. title, author’s name or page number.
  • That which appears at the start of something, and which serves to identify, describe, route, control, and so on.
  • In a file, a region which has information such as the name, size, and date created.
  • In communications, the first part of a message, packet, or the like. A header may contain information such as the originating and destination stations, the length, protocol utilized, and so on.
  • In word processing, a text which appears at the top of one or more pages. Such text may appear only on a give page, specified pages, even pages, odd pages, or on every page. Also called page header.
  • A mounting plate, usually made of glass, through which one or more insulated terminals or leads originating from a hermetically sealed component, device, or piece of equipment are passed. Utilized, for instance, to expose the leads of a transistor, relay, tube, or the like. Such a header also provides support for said terminals or leads.

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