• The rendition of an object under examination by an instrument (a telescope operating in any wavelength, a camera, a microscope etc), or by a particular subsystem within it like a specific lens or mirror
  • A representation, reproduction or counterpart of an object or entity, such as an optical or electrical reproduction or counterpart. These include photographs, graphics, X-ray photographs, holograms, and so on.
  • An array of electrical charges which represent an actual object. It is the electric counterpart of a real object that is nearby. Also called electric image (2).
  • That which is displayed by a TV, computer monitor, oscilloscope, or other display device. Also, that reproduced by a fax, or other similar system.
  • A duplicate or display of the partial or complete contents of a computer storage device, memory, program, file, or the like. An example is a system image.
  • One of two groups of sidebands produced through modulation.

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