• A unit within a series of units which are interconnected. For example, a component connecting moving parts of a machine. Also, to use such units for interconnecting.
  • A communications line or channel connecting two points or entities, and via which information may be transmitted. Also, the creation of such a link. Also, the resources which facilitate such a link. For instance, a network component connecting two nodes.
  • An element within an electronic document, such as that displayed on a computer monitor, which connects to other elements in different locations in the same or different documents. A link may be displayed as text, an icon, an image, or the like, and is usually accessed by clicking on it with a mouse or its equivalent. When viewing a Web page, for instance, such text, or hypertext, often appears underlined. Also, to create such an element. Also called hyperlink.
  • In computer programming, an instruction or address which transfers control to a subroutine or another program.
  • In data management, to interconnect data elements through the use of a pointer.

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