• noun a job or piece of work to be done
  • noun the power output of an electrical generator or power plant
  • noun the amount of something that a vehicle can carry or a machine can deal with at one time
  • verb to put something into a vehicle or into a piece of equipment
  • verb to transfer a file or program from disk or tape to main memory
  • verb to put a disk or tape into a computer, so that it can be run
  • The power consumed by a component, device, piece of equipment, machine, or system while performing its functions. This power may be electrical, mechanical, nuclear, wind, and so on. Also, any component, device, piece of equipment, machine, or system consuming this power. Also called output load (1).
  • Any component, circuit, device, piece of equipment, or system which consumes, dissipates, radiates, or otherwise utilizes power, especially electricity. There are countless examples, including resistors, amplifiers, TVs, speakers, antennas, lamps, and appliances. Also, the power so consumed. Also called output load (2).
  • The electrical power drawn from a source of electricity, such as a generator or power line. Also called output load (3).
  • A circuit or device which receives the useful signal output from a signal source such as an amplifier or oscillator. Also called output load (4).
  • To utilize inductors and/or capacitors to increase the electrical length of an antenna, or otherwise alter its characteristics.
  • In dielectric and induction heating, the object or material being heated.
  • To insert a computer storage medium, such as a disc or tape, into a drive or other device utilized to read and/or write to it.
  • To transfer data to or from a computer storage medium, such as a disk or tape. For example, to load a program into memory for execution. Also, to transfer data to or from a database.
  • To place data in a computer register.
  • To insert a disk, cassette, reel, cartridge, drum, or other object composed of, or containing a recordable medium into a device utilized for recording and/or reproduction.
  • In a communications network, the amount of traffic at a given moment.

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