• A visible, magnetic, or otherwise detectable trace, impression, symbol, or property, which serves to distinguish, indicate, or identify. Also called marker (1).
  • In a storage medium, such as magnetic tape, a blip, symbol, notch, or other device utilized for identification, timing, or the like. For example, a control character or code which indicates a subdivision in a file, or the end of a record. Also called marker (2).
  • To identify a location, block of text, or other unit of information utilizing a mark (2).
  • In the transmission of information, a high state, or binary I, as opposed to a space (11) which indicates a low state, or binary 0.
  • To identify something for location or guiding purposes.
  • In optical sensing, a line, circle, or other tracing which is recognized by an optical sensor. Also called optical mark.

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