• An object, stencil, or other device which is applied or placed upon a surface, so as to permit the selective passing of particles, beams, rays, substances, and so on, to form any desired patterns.
  • The use of a mask (1) to selectively shield portions of semiconductor wafers, or other materials, during manufacturing. Used, for instance, in lithography.
  • In a picture tube with a three-color gun, a grill with round holes that is placed behind the screen to make sure that each color beam strikes the correct phosphor dot on said screen. It insures, for instance, that the electron beam intended for the red phosphor dots only hits those. Also called aperture mask, or shadow mask.
  • To obscure a signal or sound with a stronger one.
  • A pattern of bits or characters which determines whether another set of bits or characters will be selected, transmitted, changed, or discarded.
  • A frame which serves to conceal the edges of a CRT.

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