• noun a grid of numbers, often used to represent the dimensions of an object or its properties arranged in rows and columns
  • A two-dimensional array utilized to organize, interrelate, or perform operations. For instance, such an array in which numbers are subjected to algebraic operations, a logic network in such a configuration, or the arrangement of the chemical elements in a periodic table.
  • In computers, a number of elements, such as numbers, dots, or spreadsheet cells, which are arranged in rows and columns, and upon which operations may be performed.
  • In a TV transmitter, a circuit or device which transforms the separate red, green, and blue camera signals into color-difference signals, and combines these with the chrominance subcarrier. Also called color encoder, or encoder (2).
  • In a TV receiver, a circuit or device which transforms the color-difference signals into separate red, green, and blue signals. Also called color decoder, or decoder (2).

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