• A device utilized to display the images generated by a computer, TV, oscilloscope, radar, camera, or other similar device with a visual output. It incorporates the viewing screen and its housing. A specific example is a CRT. Also called display (1), display device, display monitor, or video monitor (1).
  • A monitor (1) utilized to present the output of a computer. Also called video monitor (2).
  • A device or instrument which is utilized to sample, measure, assess, regulate, observe, or control a process or system. Also, to use such a device or instrument, for instance, to assess performance or to make sure an observed value is within the desired interval.
  • A device, such as a monitor (1) or a speaker, which is utilized to keep track of the quality of a recording or broadcast.
  • Software which supervises a computer program, system, or network, to help insure that it is functioning properly. Also, the use of such software.

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