• noun unwanted sound, especially an sound that is unpleasant or too loud
  • A usually unwanted electrical disturbance, often random and/or persistent in nature, which affects the quality or usefulness of a signal, or which adversely affects the operation of a device. Such noise may occur naturally, or be artificially created. There are many examples, including AC noise, background noise, amplification noise, atmospheric noise, cosmic noise, and thermal noise. Noise which occurs over a wide range of frequencies, regardless of its origin, is called broadband noise.
  • Unwanted sound that occurs within the range of frequencies that humans can hear, and which can result in an unpleasant, uneven, distracting, or otherwise undesired listening experience. Examples include hum and hiss. Such noise may also harm equipment. Also called audio noise, audio frequency noise, or acoustic noise (2).
  • In communications, noise (1) which results in transmitted data which is meaningless, superfluous, or whose information content is otherwise impaired.

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