• noun a thing which you can experience physically by touch, sight, or another sense and which has a particular form and dimensions
  • noun a variable used in an expert system within a reasoning operation
  • noun a piece of data in a statement which is to be operated on by the operator
  • A material or virtual item or thing. For instance, a ball, or a ball displayed on a computer screen.
  • In computers, a single item or entity which can be selected and manipulated. An example of such an item is a ball displayed on a screen while running a graphics program.
  • In object oriented programming, an item or variable which is treated as a distinct entity, and which incorporates both data and the associated routines necessary to manipulate it. Examples include a spell checker, or a graphics routine utilized to draw a ball. Objects are characterized by modularity, and utilize information hiding.
  • A figure seen through, or imaged by, an optical system. The image so formed may be real or virtual. An object may be considered as a collection of points serving as the source of light rays for such a system.

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