• verb to take a cover off something or to make a door open
  • Discontinuous and/or broken. For instance, an open circuit does not have an uninterrupted path for current. A switch in the open position is the same as being off. Also, to make incomplete.
  • To start or initiate. For instance, to open a program or window, or to establish a communications link.
  • Said of a communications line or circuit which is available for use. Also, to make such a line or circuit available.
  • Not forming a self-contained unit or system.
  • Not blocking or otherwise obstructing. Also, to unblock.
  • Having a space or gap, as opposed to not having such a space or gap. Also, to make a space or gap.
  • A file which is being used or accessed at a given moment. Also, to open such a file.
  • Accessible to all, or designed to work across different architectures or with varied products. For example, an open architecture. Also, to make accessible in this manner.

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