OSI Reference Model
  • Abbreviation of open Systems Interconnection reference model. An ISO standard which defines a seven-layer hierarchical structure for the implementation of communications protocols, with the goal of standardization of current networks along with component hardware and software, and providing guidance for the creation of future such networks and components. Each higher layer requests and depends on services from the lower layer adjacent to it. The lowest layer is the physical layer, or layer 1, followed by the data link layer, or layer 2, then comes the network layer, followed by the transport layer, then comes the session layer, and then the presentation layer, and the highest is the application layer, or layer 7. Its own abbreviation is OSI-RM. Also known by various other names, including OSI Model, OSI, OSI Protocol, and ISO-OSI Reference Model.
  • acronym OSI-RM
  • synonym Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model
  • synonym Open Systems Interconnection
  • synonym Open Systems Interconnection Model
  • synonym Open Systems Interconnection Protocol

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