• A pocket-sized radio receiver or transceiver which serves to receive messages, and in some cases perform various other functions, such as retrieve email. These devices may emit a beep when informing of a new message. Some pagers can also signal by other means, such as vibrations, or a blinking light. Also called paging device, mobile pager, or beeper.
  • A public-address system, such as that in an airport or shopping center, which serves convey voice messages. Also called paging system.
  • In a cordless phone, a feature in which pressing a button on the base unit serves to emit a beep heard in the handset. Used, for instance, for people who have difficulty locating the handset due to reduced vision, or for those who are simply forgetful and/or disorganized. Also, the button itself.
  • synonym paging device
  • synonym paging system
  • A communications service which enables pagers (1) to receive alerts and messages, and otherwise exchange information.
  • The mechanism utilized for paging (1).

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