• noun a way from one place to another, especially one travelled on foot
  • noun a way to achieve something
  • The route along which something travels. For instance, current, data, beams, crafts, and so on.
  • The route along which a current travels. For example, the course of the flow of current through a circuit.
  • In a printed circuit, the conductive strips, foils, pads, segments, or the like, via which a current flows.
  • The route along which an electromagnetic wave travels, such as that between a transmitter and receiver.
  • In a network, a route between two nodes. There may be more than one route between two specific nodes, and each path consists of one or more branches.
  • In computers, a sequence of instructions followed within a routine.
  • In database management, the route between data or sets of data. For instance, the logical connections between two records.

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