• A configuration, arrangement, form, design, figure, graph, or the like, consisting of, or representing, a phenomenon, quantity, or entity which is varied, or that varies in some manner. For instance, a radiation pattern, an interference pattern, a test pattern, a bit pattern, or an etched pattern.
  • A diagram or other model which is followed in creating or doing something.
  • A regular, repetitive, or symmetrical image displayed on a device such as an oscilloscope or TV. For example, a test pattern or a herringbone pattern.
  • A distribution, arrangement, graph, or other representation of the variation in intensity of a quantity as a function of direction and distance. An example is the transmitting or receiving effectiveness of an antenna, and such a pattern can be measured in any plane, although the horizontal and/or vertical planes are generally used. Also called directivity pattern, radiation pattern, or field pattern.
  • The path followed, or meant to be followed, by an aircraft during a landing approach.

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