• noun a stage or part of a larger process
  • State of illumination of the Moon or another celestial object as seen from Earth. Phases can be expressed as new, full, half, etc or in percentage terms – a full Moon is 100 per cent illuminated.
  • Within a periodic phenomenon or process, a specified stage of progress. For instance, a moon phase.
  • For a given periodic phenomenon, process, or quantity, the portion of a complete cycle that has been completed, as measured from a given reference point. Two or more periodic quantities having the same frequency and waveshape that pass through corresponding values, such as maximas and mini-mas, at the same instant at all times are in-phase. While periodic quantities that do not pass through corresponding values at the same instant at all times are out-of-phase. A phase angle expresses the difference between the phases of two such quantities. Phase is usually expressed in degrees or radians, where a complete cycle is 360° or 2π, respectively. Its symbol is φ.
  • In a polyphase system, such as a three-phase AC circuit, one of the circuits.
  • In chemistry, a homogeneous region that can be observed and separated from another it is present with. For example, ice in water.

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