• noun the yellow watery liquid in which the blood or lymphatic cells float
  • noun a form of ionised atomic material that is common where large amounts of energy are available, as in the atmospheres of stars or in Earth’s outer atmosphere
  • Ionised atomic material, common in astronomical contexts where large amounts of energy are available – stars and their atmospheres, the Earth’s outer atmosphere, the tails of comets when in the inner solar system, the magnetosphere of Jupiter, and others
  • A state of matter consisting of a gas that has been completely ionized, and which contains equal numbers of positive and negative particles, such as positive ions and free electrons. A plasma is electrically conductive, and susceptible to magnetic fields. Such a state of matter may be observed, for instance, in stars, interstellar gases, thermonuclear reactions, and in gas-discharge tubes. A gas which has been sufficiently ionized so as to become conductive and susceptible to magnetic fields is usually considered a plasma as well. The other physical states in which matter is known to exist are solid (1), liquid, gas, and Bose-Einstein condensates.

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