• noun an object or aim in doing something
  • Within space, a location or object which has no properties except location. Such a point has no length, width, area, volume, or the like. For instance, a point charge, a point along a line, or the point where two lines intersect.
  • A location or object whose dimensions are extremely small, or exceedingly small in relation to something else. An example is a point source.
  • A tip or end which is tapered, sharpened, or otherwise has an extremely small area. For instance, the tip of a cat whisker.
  • A symbol, usually a dot or comma, which separates the integral part from the fractional part of a number. For example, a decimal point.
  • A given moment in time, or within an interval of time. For instance, the starting point of a process.
  • A defined condition, state, degree, or limit. For example, the melting point of a pure substance.
  • The spot where something is located or occurs. For instance, a network access point, a branch point, an antenna feed point, a breakpoint, or a cutoff point.
  • A condition, magnitude, or value which is desired or serves as a reference. For example, a control point, or a half-power point.
  • A unit of angle measure equal to 1/32 of a circle, or 11°15'. Used, for instance, in navigation.
  • A unit of proportion equal to 0.01 or 1%.
  • A unit of mass equal to 2 milligrams, or 2.0 × 10-6 kg. Usually used in the context of precious stones.

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