• A point or opening which provides an input, output, or interface. For example, an I/O port, a speaker port, or an input to an electric network.
  • An input, output, or other point where a signal or energy can be provided to, or taken from, a circuit or system. For instance, a point where a meter may be placed for readings.
  • An input, output, or interface between a computer and a peripheral, another computer, or a network. For instance, a data port.
  • An input, output, or interface between a CPU and a peripheral. For example a USB port, or a serial port. Also called I/O port.
  • To modify a program so that it can function properly within a different system or architecture.
  • A carefully-dimensioned opening in a loudspeaker enclosure. It is employed for various purposes, but it is mainly used to increase and extend the reproduction of low frequencies. Also called speaker port, duct (5), ducted port, or vent (3).
  • An opening in a waveguide through which energy can be fed to, or taken from. For example, an opening utilized to take measurements. Also called waveguide port.

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