• The specific location of something within space. For example, the location of a magnetic pole, a ship, or where a laser beam is directed. Also, to place in such a location.
  • The location of something relative to something else. For instance, a line of position, or the displacement of the value of a voltage from a reference position. Also, to place or be situated at such a location.
  • The manner or orientation in which something is placed, arranged, or installed. Also, to place, arrange, or install in this manner. For example, the precise positioning of an object by a mechanical arm, or through the use of a micropositioner. 4. A position (1) as opposed to another such position, or other possible positions. For instance, the on position of a switch, or an operating position.
  • The position (1) a component, circuit, device, piece of equipment, or system is set at, when multiple such positions are available. For example, the sensitivity setting of a measuring instrument.

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