• noun an area within two or more points
  • verb to move over a wide area
  • The upper and lower limits within which a given fluctuation or value may occur. Also, any interval which has upper and lower limits, such as the continuous interval of frequencies within which a component, circuit, device, piece of equipment, or system operates.
  • The upper and lower limits within which a given fluctuation or value actually occurs. For instance, a temperature range, or an audibility curve.
  • A range (1) specified for a given parameter, such as that required for proper operation. For example, an amplitude range, an input-voltage range, or a carrier frequency range.
  • A range (1) which is arbitrarily established. For instance, the infrared range, or a cryogenic temperature range.
  • The maximum distance within which a given process or level or performance is maintained. For example, a dynamic range, or the maximum useful distance from a transmitting antenna to a receiver.
  • The distance between two points, objects, or locations. For instance, that between a location from where an object is being observed, and said object.
  • The maximum distance a part, such as a robotic arm, may move or travel. Also called range of motion.
  • The maximum distance between two particles or entities at which there is a measurable effect. For example, the maximum distance at which two particles may experience an attractive or repulsive force.
  • The complete range (1) of readings or values a scale can indicate, or the upper and lower limits of such a scale.

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