• Its abbreviation is RX 1. A component, device, piece of equipment, or system which accepts information-bearing signals, and which can extract the meaningful information contained. There are many types of receivers, including those utilized in communications, TV and entertainment, radars, and so on. Signals may arrive from land-based antennas, satellites, remote controls, and so on. #A single audio frequency component which incorporates a preamplifier, a power amplifier, and a tuner. Such a component usually has multiple inputs for CDs, DVD, TVs, tape decks, and so on, and may have circuitry for specialized sound reproduction, such as Dolby surround sound. #Same as radio receiver. #A small loudspeaker located in the handset of a telephone, which enables listening. Also called earphone (3), or telephone receiver (1). #That which is a destination or which otherwise accepts signals, energy, particles, waves, or the like, which move from one point to another.

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