• verb to store data or signals on tape, on disk or in a computer
  • To write, store, or otherwise preserve images, sounds, data, signals, or any other form of information, especially when in a permanent form suitable for later reproduction. This includes recording upon magnetic tapes, magnetic disks, optical discs, or wires, or producing papers, photographs, faxes, or the like, with content.
  • A group of related fields, each containing information. For instance, a group of fields, each containing one of the following items: a name, a corresponding address, and a contact number. A collection of fields form a record, and a collection of records form a file. Also called data record. When used in the context of relational databases, also called tuple.
  • A set of data elements treated as a unit.
  • A disc, usually composed of vinyl, which has sound recorded as variations in its spiral grooves. A phonograph is utilized to extract the sound so recorded. Also called phonograph record, phonographic record, or phonograph disc.
  • The printed images provided by a graphic recorder, such as an oscillograph.

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