• noun a circle which goes round something
  • noun a closed loop of atoms in a molecule
  • verb to make a metallic sound like the sound of a bell
  • An object or arrangement of objects in the form of a circle whose center is not filled. For example, a ring magnet, or a ring network.
  • Movement whose path resembles a circle. Also, to form such rings around a given point or location. For instance, the path a signal follows in a ring network.
  • One of multiple turns, such as those of a coil or helix.
  • To surround with a circular arrangement. For example, to place a guard ring.
  • Of the two wires of a POTS line, the more electrically negative. The more electrically positive is the tip (3). Also called ring lead, or ring wire.
  • For a telephone or similar device, such as a fax, to emit a sound which indicates that there is an incoming call.

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