• noun the examination of an internal part of the body using computer-interpreted X-rays to create a picture
  • noun a picture of an internal part of the body produced by computer-interpreted X-rays
  • To move a detector or a focused beam of electromagnetic radiation, light, sound, or particles, in a fixed pattern over a surface or through a region, to sense, examine, reproduce, transmit, or the like. Seen, for example, in the tracing of the electron beam in a CRT, in the motion of a radar while searching for scanned objects, the helical path of a head in contact with a magnetic tape, or in the conversion of a scene into an electrical image.
  • A complete scan (1).
  • A scan (1) performed by an antenna, as in radars.
  • To search records, files, the Internet, or other sources of information, looking for specific data.
  • An analytical or medical diagnostic technique, such as computed tomography, in which one or more scans (1) are taken.
  • To utilize a device, such as a radar or scanner, which performs scans (1).
  • To examine while seeking something in particular. For instance, to scan communications channels looking for an available circuit.

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