• noun the ability to record very small changes
  • noun a minimum power of a received signal that is necessary for a receiver to distinguish the signal
  • The ability to detect or otherwise perceive a given phenomenon, state, condition, or level. Also, the degree of such sensitivity.
  • The magnitude of the response of a component, circuit, device, instrument, piece of equipment, system, or material, to a given stimulus, level, or other input signal. For instance, the ohms per volt rating of a voltmeter, or the magnitude of the deflection of an indicating needle in response to a given change in a detected variable.
  • The minimum input signal that produces a given output signal. For example, the minimum input signal level that a specific radio receiver needs to produce a stated output level.
  • The proportion of the audio frequency electrical power input to a loudspeaker which is converted into acoustic energy. Efficiency may be measured, for instance, by driving a loudspeaker with a power input of 1 watt, and measuring its output, in decibels, at a distance of 1 meter. Also called speaker efficiency, loudspeaker efficiency, or efficiency (3).
  • synonym speaker efficiency

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