• noun
    (written as SET)
    a set of standards created by a group of banks and Internet companies that allow users to buy goods over the Internet without risk from hackers.
  • verb to put something in a particular position
  • To adjust for proper operation. Also, to adjust selecting any of multiple operational modes, positions, or the like. For example, to tune a radio receiver.
  • To adjust based on a given standard. Also, to adjust to a desired setting. For instance, to set a clock based on an atomic standard.
  • To place or put in a secure or stable position or location. Also, to place in a specific location. For example, to install a memory chip.
  • To place in a given position. Also, to place in a given manner. For instance, to set upright.
  • To place in a given state. For example, to set a storage cell to a one, or high, state.
  • To assign a specific value. For instance, to assign a one to a high state.
  • To put in an operational state. For example, to turn on.
  • To become hardened, solidified, or fixed. Also, to be so hardened or set. Said, for instance, of a thermoplastic.
  • Two or more objects or entities which form a group, are within the same category, or otherwise belong together. For example, a character set or a data set.
  • A device, piece of equipment, or system which sends and/or receives radio waves, especially a radio or TV receiver.
  • A component, device, piece of equipment, apparatus, or system which is used as a unit for a given purpose. For example, a telephone set, a radar set, or a pair of headphones.
  • For a celestial body, such as the sun or moon, to descend below the horizon.

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