• A material or enclosure which blocks the effects of an electric field, while allowing free passage to magnetic fields. It may consist, for instance, of a wire mesh or screen which provides a low-resistance path to ground. Utilized, for example, to prevent interaction between circuits, or to enhance the directivity of an antenna. Another example is a metallized plastic bag which helps protect circuit boards against electrostatic discharges during storage and handling, en route to being installed. Such a bag does not have to be grounded. Also, a shielding which serves to confine an electric field within an enclosure, or the use of such a shielding. Also called shield (2), screening (1), screen (2), electrostatic shielding, or electric shielding.
  • A material or enclosure utilized to isolate a magnetic field from its surroundings, or vice versa. Materials with high magnetic permeability are used for this purpose. Also called shield (3), screening (2), screen (3), or magnetic shielding (1).
  • synonym screen
  • synonym screening

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