• noun a place into which a substance passes to be stored or to be absorbed.
  • noun a chemical or physical process which removes or absorbs a substance
  • noun a low-lying piece of land where water collects to form a pond
  • verb to fall to the bottom of water
  • A point, region, or object where current, power, energy, matter, a signal, or flux is absorbed or terminates. A source (2) is where it originates.
  • The output end of a transmission line, where a signal is received. The generator end is that where the signal originates.
  • A material or object which helps dissipate unwanted heat from components, circuits, devices, equipment, enclosures, or systems, enabling them to continue working within a safe temperature range. It does so by absorbing heat and conducting it away to a surface from which it is dissipated into its surroundings. Heat sinks are used, for instance, to protect power transistors. Also called heat sink (1).
  • Any material, such as a solid or a fluid, which serves to protect components, circuits, devices, equipment, enclosures, or systems, by removing heat. Also called heat sink (2).

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