• The expanse where the entire universe exists.
  • The space (1) extending from beyond the earth's atmosphere.
  • A region of space (1) devoid of all matter, and in which there are no gravitational or electromagnetic fields. In free space, the speed of light is constant, and at its maximum theoretical value. Also called free space (1).
  • An expanse of a surface, object, or medium.
  • A specific region, or that in the vicinity of an object or another space. For instance, a Faraday dark space.
  • An area or volume which is not occupied or used. For example, a space between words.
  • A given interval of time.
  • A location, interval, or the like, which is available at the moment. For instance, space available in memory.
  • A location, interval, or the like, which has a specific use or is otherwise designated. An example is scratch disk space.
  • An area or volume where something specific occurs. For instance, an interaction space.
  • In the transmission of information, a low state, or binary 0, as opposed to a mark (4) which indicates a high state, or binary 1.

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