• adjective not changing
  • adjective referring to a chemical compound that does not react readily with other chemicals
  • Tending to remain in a given position, state, setting, mode, or the like. Also, tending to avoid unwanted variations. For instance, free of unwanted oscillation.
  • Tending to return to a former or desired position, state, setting, mode, or the like, after a displacement or other change occurs. An example is a speaker with proper damping.
  • Tending to maintain a given value, quantity, intensity, characteristic, or the like. Said, for instance, of the output of a control system.
  • Not tending to easily respond to a change, action, stimulus, or variation. Said, for instance, of a voltage regulator which maintains the same output despite changes in load resistance.
  • A chemical substance not tending to easily form part of a chemical reaction.
  • A particle which does not undergo radioactive decay.

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