• noun a building used for a particular purpose, e.g. a research station or railway station
  • A place, facility, site, or position where something is placed, installed, or is otherwise located.
  • A station (1) where communications equipment is situated. For instance, a receiving station, a transmitting station, a land station, or a ship station.
  • A station (2) within a radiocommunications service in which TV, radio, or other signals intended for reception by the general public are received, transmitted, or retransmitted. Also called broadcasting station.
  • A place designated for study, observation, measurement, testing, or the like. For example, a radar station.
  • Any place along a communications network or system where there is a signal input or output.
  • A computer input/output device which incorporates a video adapter, monitor, keyboard, and usually a mouse. Used in networks. Also called terminal (1), computer terminal (1), network terminal (1), or console (3). When such a terminal has no processing capability it is called dumb terminal, while a terminal that incorporates a CPU and memory does have processing capability, and is called intelligent terminal.
  • A personal computer or workstation which is linked to a network. Also called terminal (2), computer terminal (2), or network terminal (2).

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