• Abbreviation of synchronous Transport module. Within the SONET standard, one of the defined transmission speeds. STM speeds range from 155.52 Mbps, to hundreds of Gbps. STM-1 has a transmission rate of 155.52 Mbps, STM-3 runs at three times STM-1, or 466.56 Mbps, STM-64 at 9.95328 Gbps, and so on. The equivalent electrical signal is called STS, with STS-3 corresponding to STM-1, STS-12 corresponding to STM-4, STS-192 corresponding to STM-64, and so on.
  • acronym for Synchronous Transport Module
  • acronym for scanning tunneling microscope
  • acronym for scanning tunneling microscopy
  • The use of scanning tunneling microscopes to study and analyze samples. Its abbreviation is STM.

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