• noun an identifying character attached to a file or item of data
  • That which serves to mark or otherwise enable monitoring or identification. For example, a radioactive tracer, or an RFID tag. Also, to mark, monitor, or identify with such a tag.
  • One or more bits or characters which serve to identify data, such as that in a database. Also, the name of such a tag.
  • A command or code which specifies how a document, or a part of a document, must be formatted. Examples include HTML tags and meta tags. Also, to so mark a document.
  • A transponder within an RFID system. Such a transponder is usually in the form of an IC, and responds to interrogating signals arriving from an RFID reader. Such a tag, for instance, may be incorporated into a box label, a smart card, or a key chain wand which is waved near a reader to effect payments. Also called RFID tag.

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