• Anything which is aimed at or which represents the objective of something. For example, a scanned object, a target electrode, particles subjected to bombardment, a target value in a control system, or a target language.
  • An object which reflects a sufficient amount of the energy beam emitted by a radar to produce a radar echo. Also called radar target, or scanned object.
  • In a TV camera tube, an electrode, surface, or other structure upon which the image is stored, and which is scanned by an electron beam to produce the output signal.
  • A particle, group of particles, surface, object, material, or the like, which is subjected to impacts by high-energy particles, such as electrons, neutrons, or alpha particles.
  • In an X-ray tube, the electrode which is bombarded, and from which X-rays are emitted.
  • In computers, the file, disk, system, or the like, towards which something is transferred or otherwise sent.

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