• adjective causing death
  • A computer input/output device which incorporates a video adapter, monitor, keyboard, and usually a mouse. Used in networks. Also called computer terminal (1), network terminal (1), console (3), or station (6). When such a terminal has no processing capability it is called dumb terminal, while a terminal that incorporates a CPU and memory does have processing capability, and is called intelligent terminal.
  • A personal computer or workstation which is linked to a network. Also called computer terminal (2), network terminal (2), or station (7).
  • A device, such as a wire or adapter, which serves to make electrical, network, or other types of connections. Also, the specific point or location where this occurs.
  • A device, such as a post or a strand of metal, which protrudes from an electrical component to facilitate connection within a circuit.
  • That which is at an end, or consists of the end of something, such as that of a series, or of a transmission line.

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